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March 16, 2021

Are you looking to hire a baby photographer in Chandler, Arizona? It’s no coincidence that you have stumbled across my blog. Hello and welcome! Offering in-home newborn photography services in and around Phoenix, AZ I believe that this is where you and your newborn baby will be most relaxed. While being able to include a setting that is uniquely yours, in-home newborn sessions help keep older siblings entertained and allow me to include family pets as well. My number one goal is to offer an experience that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. During your newborn session, I will capture a mix of simple poses and lifestyle photography.

What is the difference between posed newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography? The goal of lifestyle photography is to capture a subject in a non-intrusive, natural and real-life way in the comfort of your own home. It takes a newborn and their family exactly as they are – without expectations. I love being able to capture raw emotions and interactions that would otherwise be lost in a studio setting. I have you snuggle up and hold your newborn as you naturally would. I have you cuddle up alongside your significant other and document the way you two look at the little human you so beautifully created. Lifestyle photography is a chance for you to embrace how much love you have for your newborn and capture sweet, candid moments with them.  Specializing in posed newborn photography, I have discovered my passion combining the lifestyle photography approach with simple newborn poses. This allows me to provide you individual portraits of your little bundle of joy in a beautiful and creative way. Whether it’s your master bedroom, nursery, or living room, it is my vision to provide a meaningful setting that is uniquely yours. For a more styled look, I have various accessories that you will have access to. These accessories include baskets, blankets, swaddle wraps, heandbands and more.

Jen and Chris, thank you so much for trusting me with these special captures of your sweet baby boy. I truly enjoyed meeting you and I hope to see a lot more of your sweet family in the future.

*** I am offering maternity and newborn photography services in Arizona. I am located in Chandler, Arizona. If you like my work, please be sure to show your support by liking my page on Facebook and following me on Instagram Instagram. Thank you.***


Chandler Arizona baby photographer: father feeding his baby

Chandler Arizona baby photographer: father bottle feeding his baby

Chandler Arizona baby photography: father burping his baby

Chandler baby photography: mother nursing her baby

Chandler Arizona baby photography: father holding his baby's hands

Chandler Arizona baby photographer: wide awake newborn baby

Chandler Arizona baby photographer: posed newborn baby

Chandler Arizona baby photographer: posed newborn baby

Chandler Arizona baby photographer: parents holding their newborn baby

  1. Veronika Sykorova says:

    He’s so adorable! Love the last one and the one where he’s sleeping on the bed in that cute fetal position. You captured the baby beautifully!

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      Thank you. It’s one of my favorite poses, though they’re not that easy to achieve. That’s were it’s so important to be patient 😉

  2. Stacey Brenner says:

    I love this blog so much! Definitely the whole reason why I love your work, you cater to candid and simple posing. Definitely get best of both worlds ☺️

  3. Nina says:

    I think posed newborn photography is so beautiful but I do love the feel of a lifestyle session, it gives me all the feels and makes my heart smile!

  4. Christie says:

    The family must be over the moon about these portraits!! Amazing!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Oh my goodness! These are beautiful! One of my favorites is him resting his head on mamas shoulder. He looks so at peace, as he should be. Great job!

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