Alexandria Virginia Bohemian style first birthday photography / Baby Zola

I can’t get over this adorable Bohemian style first birthday photography session that I captured in Alexandria, Virginia. While thousands of Americans gathered in Washington, D.C. to support President Trump on his Inauguration Day, I got to spend time with these lovely ladies. Zola’s mom, Jess, envisioned a Bohemian themed photo shoot for her little princess. She took care of the decoration and asked me to bring the teepee she had seen in one of my milestone photography sessions.

When I arrived, Zola wasn’t feeling her best. Even my goofiest faces couldn’t tickle a smile on her face. My attempts to sing to get her attention were completely ignored. Not even the tiny power nap she ended up taking made a difference. Did Zola have stage fright? 😅 I could see the disappointment in her mom’s eyes. She wasn’t going to get the “happy baby pictures” she had hoped for. She was going to miss out on the silly cake smash pictures that seem to be such a big deal on a baby’s first birthday. Jess ended up being in most of the images and guess what…the little lady came out of her shell. While this may not have been what Jess had envisioned, aren’t these the type of moments you want to remember? When Zola gets older she isn’t going to laugh about images of her stuffing her face with cake or laughing as a result of the photographer’s silliness. Zola is going to see images of a mother who has done an amazing job putting together a dream come true birthday for her baby girl. She is going to see images of a mother who has done everything to make her daughter’s first birthday as special as she possibly could. These are the moments she is truly going to cherish for the rest of her life. Wouldn’t you agree?

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