Ashburn Virginia Baby Portraits / Farewell photo session with Woody and Graham

Having to say goodbye to your best buddy is not easy, especially when one of them is moving all the way to the other side of the country. With Graham and Woody being so little, this is especially hard for their parents. When Graham’s mommy, Fartun, inquired about the farewell photo shoot, she had to promise me not to cry. I am a very sensitive person. If you cry, I cry. Please do not judge, ha! Graham and Woody’s parents knew each other way before they were born. It so happened that these two precious boys were born only one week apart. You can imagine they spent a lot of time together, bonding like brothers.

Photographing two one year old kiddos is not an easy task. Most of the time, it is the first five minutes of their arrival where you might be able to capture both of them looking straight into the camera. I took full advantage of that and gave it my all to get their attention. And so did their parents. Thank you for all your help making this special photo session a success.😊 While I kept photographing the boys, I loved listenting to the dad’s planning to use these images on their son’s wedding one day. How I would love to be there when that happens, ha! I truly hope these little fellas will always remain best friends even with the distance that lies between them. Thank goodness for Facetime, right?🤣

Dear Fartun, thank you for reaching out to me and giving you and Woody’s family the precious gift of memories. Nothing is more valuable than these moments captured; moments that you will be able to look back to for the rest of your life. Best of luck in Seattle!

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  1. I’m Graham’s Grandma….and I know Woody and his family, who are now my dear friends. These beautiful photos capture the love these 2 boys have for each other…..and always will. This friendship will be forever. <3

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