3 Reasons you should invest in maternity photography / Ashburn Virginia Sunset Maternity Portraits / Kimmie & Jason

“You’re so tiny.” Those were my exact words when I first saw Kimmie. She might be tiny, but that baby bump of hers did not disappoint. What a stunning mommy to be. Not every expectant woman feels strongly about maternity photography. As a mom and photographer specializing in newborn and family photography, I would like to ease your concerns and share three reasons you should consider investing in maternity photography.

1. Celebrate your pregnancy and the anticipation to meet your baby!

While some women feel their absolute best when they’re expecting, others may be dealing with health issues and changes in their body they absolutely dispise. “I look like a whale.” Yup, I’ve heard it all. Honestly, that is how I felt about my body when I was pregnant. Yet, both my husband and I couldn’t be more excited about our baby girl. We decided to professionally document this very special time. Having framed a few favorites from our maternity session, it never fails to bring back emotions close to the heart each and every single day.

2. Include Siblings.

Siblings may be excited or undecided about their soon-to-be family member. Getting maternity portraits will make them feel just as important as the new baby by involving them in the session. As a photographer, I make sure to focus on them for a short moment and I encourage them to interact with their new baby brother or sister as well.

3. Ever thought of a fun gender reveal?

Whether it’s your first child, your second, or your thrid…that moment when you finally learn whether you’re having a boy or a girl is super exciting. Capturing those raw emotions when you find out is priceless. This may be a great alternative for women who would like their maternity photos taken in the beginning of their pregnancy. It is also a great way to spill the news with friends and family members.

“Pregnancy is one of the most magical and wondrous adventure that a woman can ever experience. It makes the love and patience bubble up within you. Every woman looks forward to birthing with huge anticipation.” Let me capture that anticipation to celebrate this joyous moment in your life!

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