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This is not a sneak peek of a recent newborn or family session that you would expect to see from me. Today, I am actually sharing a wedding with you that I photographed last weekend. So far, I have avoided weddings like the plague. A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to be her “photographer of honor” in Germany next year. That same week, I received an inquiry about capturing a small wedding at 48 Fields in Leesburg, Virginia. Was this meant to be? I am very familiar with the venue, as we had our family photos taken there a couple of years ago. Knowing that the couple only needed two hours of coverage in addition to only a small group attending, I agreed to document the wedding. I wanted to give it a shot. In preparation for the special day, I studied various wedding photography pages and met up with my friend who is in the wedding photography industry. Huge thank you to Lisa Robinson who has been a great support throughout. I could not have done it without you😍

Both the bride and groom have recently lost their fathers. Incorporating a pin with their images was truly special. Hussein was given the pin as a surprise gift from his sister in-law. His bride, Venus, had the pin attached to her stunning bridal bouquet.

The first look, which happens to be my favorite part of their wedding day, started abound 5:30 p.m. I could see the nervousness in Hussein’s eyes while he was waiting impatiently for his bride to arrive. That big smile on his face when she finally came was just priceless. We spent another half hour on the bride and groom portraits until the wedding officiant arrived. I gave the couple a few minutes before they were walking down the aisle and took the time to photograph a few details. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I even had a hard time keeping my emotions in place. I’m such a cry baby😝

A couple of days ago, I sent the gallery off to the bride. “They are absolutely perfection!!!! I love every single one!!!! I can’t think of which one is my favorite…thank you so much for the amazing picture slideshow. I saw them super late last night and again and again this morning! Love them all. Thank you again. You are very talented and great to work with.”

Venus and Hussein, I cannot thank you enough for having given me this opportunity to document such a special day in your life. I enjoyed every minute of it (minus the stress). I wish you both all the best for your future and cannot wait for you to call me when you are expecting. No pressure, ha!

Am I going to be covering more weddings in the future? Never say never, but for now I am going to stick with my littlest models.

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  1. Stephanie! This is perfection!! Thank you so much for capturing my elopement ceremony!! I can’t say enough how amazing it was to work with you and how much in awe I still am over these photos! Every picture is truly special, unique and dear to my heart! Thank you for your dedication and passion in my shoot. It truly showed how much you care about what you do and how special each client is to you!. I can’t wait to work with you again!

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