Baby Karline Ruby / My first celebrity baby / Georgetown newborn photography / Virginia, D.C. & Maryland newborn photographer

I still remember when Laura inquired about a newborn session. Honestly, I had no clue who she was. When she spilled the beans, I could hardly believe my luck. I received an inquiry from a German actress. Holy cow! Excitement quickly turned into nervousness. I was scared to not being able to meet her expectations. After all, Laura gets her photos taken a lot. Why would she want me to capture these special moments for her and her family? Oh my goodness😳

The day of her session, believe it or not, I was an hour late. If you know me you know that punctuality is extremely important to me. The German in me is NEVER late. If anything, I’m always early. ALWAYS! Why, oh why was I late to such an important newborn session? I emailed Laura that I was on the way and apologized for running late. Welcome to morning rush hour in Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. When I finally arrived in Georgetown, I was welcomed with open arms. I took a deep breath and introduced myself. I also caught a first glimpse of baby Karline. What a beauty she is.

Krishan, Laura’s husband, showed me around and we quickly decided to take the photos in the nursery. I fell in love with the old hardwood flooring in that room and the big windows that let in lots of natural daylight. I quickly discovered a cute unicorn on the wall. Luckily my daughter was not with me. She would have begged me to get one for her😝

The session went very well. Laura asked me to incorporate a few personal items. One of them was the cute clock she found, set to the time her baby girl was brought into the world on September 26, 2016. I also loved the headpiece that was made from real flowers just a few minutes before her session with me. Karline looked beyond adorable.

I went back to Georgetown a couple weeks later to present them with their photo gallery they absolutely love. Was I nervous? You bet. While I respect their wishes to not publish any photos of their daughter, I am thankful for their permission to share a small sneak peak of their session.

Dear Laura and Krishan, thank you so much for letting me capture these special moments for you. Karline is truly a beautiful baby and a lucky girl to have you two as her parents. Vielen Dank für Euer Vertrauen!

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