Baby milestone photography sessions? Yes, please!

While newborn photography has my heart, I would not want to miss out on the baby milestone photography sessions – ever! Ideally, I would love to watch your baby grow through my lens and capture the special moments of your little angel during his or her first year. Grabbing their toes, giggling, putting everything and anything in their mouths, tummy time, crawling, or even sitting up…all these develomental changes happen within your baby’s first year. Milestone sessions are typically captured at six months, nine months and twelve months of age. Every baby hits different milestones at different times, so it is absolutely okay to do the six month milestone session when he or she is eight months old.

Depending on your baby, each session usually lasts an hour or less. I understand the importance of feeding and snuggle time, so there will never be a rush on my part. Get ready for an hour full of silliness and fun peek-a-boo games – anything to get their attention and capture their smiles.

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