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Are you interested in learning how to capture better children’s portraits? Let’s do this! Children’s photography is a piece of cake. Let me tell you that it is NOT! Especially when working with toddlers…taking their portraits can be a real challenge. Today I would like to share three tips to help you capture better portraits of your restless little “monster”.

Meet three year old, Olivie. What a sweetheart she is. Taking her pictures though, that’s a whole different story😅. I asked her mom, Katie, to meet with me when Olivie is at her best. It so happened that she did not nap the day of our session. Let me tell you, I know that planing anything with young children is impossible. However, in most cases it works out. Grab the camera when you know your child is in a good mood. This could be right after a meal when the belly is full and the child is happy. Try to avoid taking their portraits right around nap time. As a mom myself I know just how cranky they can get.

I believe that the best pictures are the ones of a child not directly smiling into the cmaera when you ask them to. Nothing worse than a fake smile. Some parents freak out when their child is not smiling during the session with me and start bribing them with new toys or candy. It is okay if they’re not all smiles. No reason to freak out. I have worked with children for many years and know how to interact with them to squeeze a smile or two out of them. Please don’t judge when you hear me sing or when you see me making faces. Anything to get their attention, right😝? Most of the time I try to engage them in a small conversation. You’d be amazed to see their reaction when they find out that you like what they like. It helps to ask mom beforehand just to give you some ideas about stuff to talk about.

One big advantage I have as a photographer is that most children that I get to photograph do not know me personally. It is always interesting to them to see new faces and to learn about them, too. I also bring fun props to the sessions that always grab their attention. I suggest to find a simple prop for the pictures that they have not seen yet. If you know how children feel about new toys, then you know what I mean😁. Just make sure that the prop you use is picture worthy. How about bubbles?

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