Benefits of hiring a full-service newborn photographer in Northern Virginia


April 14, 2023

Choosing the right photographer for your special moments in life is a crucial decision. You will cherish and admire your photographs for years to come. It’s essential to ensure they are captured and presented in the best possible way. As a full-service newborn photographer in Northern Virginia, I’ve seen the difference between a shoot & burn photographer as well as a full-service photographer. I’m here to help you understand what exactly makes a full-service photographer the better choice.

What is a shoot & burn photographer?

You might have heard this term before, but what exactly does “shoot & burn” mean? The shoot & burn photographer offers a digital image package only. It’s important to know whether there is post processing involved. While some shoot & burn photographers go the extra mile to beautifully enhance your images, others just provide unedited images for download. If you are looking for a basic, straight forward package with no extra service, a shoot & burn photographer might be an okay choice for your photo needs.

What makes a full-service newborn photographer different?

A full-service photographer typically offers much more than just digital images. Not only do they edit your images for print and web use, but they also provide you with prints and other tangible items such as albums and wall art to showcase your photographs. In addition, they are available to advise you on the best ways to display your images and make sure they look their best.

From pre-consultations to discuss a client’s vision to offering expertise on wardrobe and photo shoot location, full-service photographers will go the extra mile to provide an exceptional experience for the client. Offering all these additional services will save a client money and time, as they don’t need to hire separate vendors or spend time researching to receive all these extra services.

Beautiful girl nursery with custom photo frames provided by full-service newborn photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Stephanie Honikel Photography offers full-service newborn photography in Northern Virginia and D.C.

I take pride in being a full-service photographer. I offer an end-to-end experience that creates value beyond just the photographs. As a result, my client’s don’t only walk away with images, but a collection of memories they can treasure forever. I offer heirloom products such as albums and custom framing. Why is this important? Well, we live in a world where digital images are prevalent, and we often underestimate the value of having a physical product. In the future, those tangible heirlooms will be remembrances for children and generations to come.

As a full-service photographer, I believe in simplifying the entire process. For example, clients might feel overwhelmed with the number of decisions they must make for their photo shoot, such as choosing the right location, wardrobe and styling. By offering my guidance and expertise, clients can enjoy the whole experience knowing their photographer takes care of everything.

Beautiful leather cover album provided by full-service newborn photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Wrapping it up

Hiring a full-service photographer like myself over a shoot & burn photographer is a decision you will not regret. From start finish, I will make sure my process is personalized, memorable and hassle-free. I value the little moments that make the experience unique for all my clients. Are you ready to connect? Reach out today and let’s get stated!

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    Omgosh! How adorable! I love how you showed a preview of how the printed images would look in the nursery.

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