The benefits of home newborn photography sessions / Baby Ashutosh

True or false? Posed newborn photography can only be done at a professional photo studio. False! For as long as I have been photographing newborns, none of the sessions have ever taken place outside a client’s home with the exception of outdoor newborn photography sessions. I believe that capturing these special memories in the comfort of your own four walls not only benefits you as new parents, but it also benefits your teeny tiny newborn baby. Below I am discussing benefits of choosing an in-home newborn photographer over a studio photographer.

1. Recovery time post delivery.

Newborn photography sessions typically take place 6-12 days after birth, that’s if he or she is not premature. Especially when there is surgery involved during the delivery, moms will not be able to move around as much or even travel. Having had a c-section myself a little bit over six years ago, I still remember not being able to walk straight for a few days and having difficulties lifting my baby girl. Allowing a photographer to come to you will benefit your recovery process and keep you and your baby relaxed.

2. Feeding time.

Let’s face it, a lot of new parents do not feel comfortable breastfeeding at a public place or have yet to figure out how to sucessfully breastfeed in general. It takes time. Other moms believe that bottle feeding is the way to go. Being able to capture your newborn portraits at home will eliminate the stress of you having to pack up everything you need to keep your baby happy.

3. Siblings are at ease and parents,too.

Including siblings in the newborn session can be stressful especially when they’re just toddlers. Choosing an in-home newborn photographer helps to keep them at ease. They can play with their toys, relax in their environment, or even take a power nap. You don’t have to worry about them touching anything at a studio location they’re not supposed to touch. Keeping siblings entertained will most certainly be easier if it’s in their own four walls.

4. Meaningful scenes.

Specializing in posed newborn photography, I have recently started mixing posed newborn photography with lifestyle newborn portraits. I love being able to offer a little bit of each. Parents always do such an increadible job decorating the nursery. It deserves to be captured.

5. Be prepared for accidents.

Think baby spit up, pee, poop, drool, boogers, milk splatter, bottle drips just to name a few. You can pack towels, bibs, etc, but s*** happens. If you need a new shirt, dress, or an entire outfit for anyone in the family, it’s nice knowing your closet is a few steps away.

If you are booking your newborn session with me, I will guide you through what it is that I need to take studio pretty newborn portraits in the comfort of your own home. I will bring my equipment and my props. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You can enjoy a relaxed meal while watching over my shoulder or catch up on the TV show you haven’t been able to get to in a while. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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