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When Leha’s mom sent me a photo of her baby girl from the hospital, the first thing that came to mind was…”wow, look at all that hair.” I met Leha’s parents only a few weeks ago and had the most amazing maternity session at sunset. Hibah has the prettiest hair I have seen. I am not surprised that her baby inherited it from her. You can imagine my reaction when I was told that Leha’s head is supposed to be shaved. That happens to be a common practice in the Islamic culture. I am having a hard time picturing her without her hair, but I was told that it will grow back even stronger and prettieršŸ˜ Beauty comes with a price for sure, ha!

Leha and her parents live all the way out in Springfield, Virginia. After taking a couple of wrong turns, I finally arrived at their house. Sleepy Leha, who was previously fed by her momma, was ready to get her pictures taken. She slept through most of her session which made it easy to capture her in varies positions and setups. The most rewarding part of taking newborn images is to capture the cutest smiles. Leha just kept on smiling. What a sweet baby she is.

Hibah and Sobe, your baby girl is truly a beauty. I could not have asked for a better baby for newborn portraits. I enjoyed seeing you again and I loved capturing these memories for you. Thank you for spoiling me with breakfastšŸ˜¬ I would love to be considered for Leha’s milestone sessions, so please keep me posted on her development.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Leha / On-location newborn photography in D.C., Virginia & Maryland / Ashburn Newborn photographer

  1. Awwwwww, Hibah, I am in love with Leha. She is so precious. How do you rest? I would be kissing her alllll day…lol. Can’t wait to meet her some day. Hi Sobe. I’m from Hibah’s ONC Family and I just adore your wife. She is the sweetest woman I know. Continue to take care of those 2 precious gems in your life :-). Look forward to meeting you someday as well.

    Sincerely, Wanda Govan-Jenkins

  2. You two have a wonderful new addition to your home and family!!! We can’t wait to meet Leha.
    Wishing you both the rest you won’t get and the immense joy you three will share over a lifetime.
    big HUGS and more hugs. Paul K

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