“I want digital files to brag on social media!”

“I want digital files to brag on social media.” This was the answer I was given by a potential client when I asked what she was hoping to do with the images from her session. Ouch! Sadly, sharing our daily lives with the world through social media has become the norm. However, there are times when you want to display some of the extra special images in a gorgeous album, picture frame, or a beautiful gallery wrap to hang over your fireplace. Whether it’s an image of your wedding day or a stunning portrait of your newborn baby; the first and foremost reason for you to invest in professional photography should not be social media.

People seem to prefer digital files over print products to print images whenever they get to it. How many of you have a disc with digital images stored in your desktop drawer and never actually printed images or created beautiful keepsakes? Believe me, I am guilty of that, too. Technology, however, does not wait for you. Remember the floppy disc? Floppy what? Who knows if there will be a working computer with, for example, a USB port ten years from now. How many of you ended up disappointed when printing photos, creating photo albums, or even canvases using a photo lab of your choice? As a professional photographer I care about the quality of your images by allowing you access to professional photo labs that I trust with all my heart.

Before hiring a photographer, ask yourself what it is that your children or grandchildren would like to see in the future. Do you want them to scroll through your social media page (provided it still exists) or hand them that stunning lay-flat photo album you purchased from your photographer many years ago? Please ask yourself, are YOU investing in professional photography to brag on social media, too?

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