Why You Should Get Professional Prints


June 6, 2022

When it comes to newborn photography in Northern Virginia, you want to be sure you are not only getting the best photos taken, but also, printed! After all, these are memories that you will want to look back on and cherish for a lifetime. I often get asked by clients why they should purchase print products from their session, and today I’m going to answer that question!


What Are Professional Prints?

Professional prints are prints that have been created by a professional photo lab using top-of-the-line, cutting-edge tools and technology. These printers can create prints that are of a much higher quality than those that can be created using a standard home printer or a printer at your preferred consumer lab.

Professional photo labs use archival quality materials and pay close attention to quality control, ensuring that the prints are free of damage or defects. They further tend to consistently produce a better representation of images that stay true to the digital file in regard to color control, brightness, contrast, etc. There are also many finishes to choose from other than matte and glossy.

Despite the difference in print quality, there are other great reasons to purchase print products from your professional photographer.


Why Purchase Heirloom Albums and Custom Prints from Your Newborn Photography Session in Northern Virginia?

1.     They Are Timeless

Heirloom prints are something special you get to add to your home for everyone to enjoy!  By purchasing a heirloom album or custom canvas print from your newborn photography session, you will have beautiful, high-quality photos that you and your growing little one can look back on! The best part? There’s no chance of you losing all of your memories to a computer crash or the ever changing technology!

2.     They Are a Great Way to Display Your Photos

As a professional newborn photographer in Northern Virginia, one of the things I always recommend to new moms is to purchase newborn prints to display in their home. After all, they’re just so dang cute!

There are a ton of different ways that you can display newborn prints in your home. For example, you can purchase custom framed images from me and hang them on the wall. You could let me create an album for you that you can keep out on your coffee table or maybe a fire place mantel. This way you can look at your photos whenever you please!

3.     They Make Great Gifts

One of the best things about professional prints is that they make great gifts. If you’re like most new moms, you’re always looking for thoughtful, unique gifts for your friends and family. What could be more thoughtful than a beautiful heirloom album or framed print? They make great gifts for grandparents, parents, even siblings!


Let’s Talk About Scheduling Your Northern Virginia Newborn Photography Session!

My goal as a newborn photographer is to provide you with beautiful photos of your little one that you can adore forever! Heirloom albums and framed wall art are the perfect way to turn your newborn photos into these long lasting memories. Whereas yes, you can definitely just do the digital copies, to me it’s just not as personal. Prints are something you’ll see in your home, everyday!

If you are interested in scheduling a newborn photography session, I would love to chat with you!

  1. Nadalie says:

    I love professional prints! You need for something that you want to last a life time!

  2. Sharon says:

    Making sure you have the right photographer for your newborn shoot is a must! Great that your local area has you to turn to.

  3. Great tips for those that are expecting, they already have so much to think about this could easily be missed and really needs to be documented properly.

  4. Natalie says:

    Wow, your photography is stunning! I need to get some prints made, I am so bad with turning photos from digital to print.

  5. Tisha says:

    It is so important to print the photos! Display those memories!

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