Scottsdale Newborn Photographer / Welcoming Baby Brixton


November 9, 2021

Are you looking for a Scottsdale newborn photographer and have not yet found the right fit for you? It’s no coincidence that you have stumbled across my blog post. Hello and welcome to my blog! Offering in-home newborn photography services in and around Phoenix, AZ I believe that this is where you and your newborn baby will be most relaxed. While being able to include a setting that is uniquely yours, in-home newborn sessions help keep older siblings entertained and allow me to include family pets as well. My number one goal is to offer an experience that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. Meet baby boy Brixton and his wonderful parents. I went to see the family in their beautiful home in Scottsdale just a couple of weeks ago.

Image of a posed newborn baby at an in-home session in Scottsdale.

Oh my goodness, that finger on his lip! It can’t get any cuter than that.

Image of mom holding her baby baby at an in-home session in Scottsdale.

Image of new parents holding their swaddled baby at an in-home session in Scottsdale.

While we started out their session indoors, Nathan and Alyssa loved the idea of capturing some of their newborn portraits outside. Brixton LOVED being swaddled, he was certainly nice and snug for the little adventure. Walking down their street, I noticed a beautiful mesquite tree that offered plenty of much needed shade.

Image of father holding his swaddled baby at an outdoor newborn session in Scottsdale.

Image of father kissing his swaddled baby at an outdoor newborn session in Scottsdale.

Dad pictures are an absoulte must! During pregnancy, it is a lot harder for a dad to bond with his baby. It is important to me, that he has these beautiful photos of his precious child to cherish a lifetime.

Image of new parents kissing their swaddled baby at an outdoor newborn session in Scottsdale.

“We are so in love with our pictures.” Alyssa and Nathan, thank you so much for allowing me into your home to capture these sweet memories for you and your family. Brixton is perfection!

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  1. Stacey says:

    They look great! Love that you were able to capture some outdoors as well! Definitely my favorite!

  2. Nina says:

    What tiny little love bug! I love how you edit your photos, such a classic approach to photography. I especially love the ones outside!

  3. Veronika Sykorova says:

    Brixton is so tiny and adorable! Love how the photos turned out in this session.

  4. Tiffany says:

    These are beautiful! I love the combo of indoor and outdoor!

  5. Christie says:

    Such amazing photos and I am so jealous of your perfect weather to do outdoor photo sessions in the fall!!!

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