7 Ways To Feel Your Best In Newborn Photos In Northern Virginia


April 15, 2024

Wondering how to feel your best in Newborn Photos in Northern Virginia? Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion, one that many parents wish to capture through photography. 

It’s common for new parents to feel a bit anxious about how they will look and feel in these photographs. The good news is there are tons of ways to help you feel your best in newborn photos in Northern Virginia. Here are some tips to help you prepare and shine alongside your newest family member.

newborn photos in Northern Virginia featuring a bookshelf of books in a nursery.

northern virginia photographer showcases a mother brushing the head of her newborn child

Choose a Photographer You Connect With

One of the most crucial steps in feeling comfortable and looking great in your newborn photos in Northern Virginia is selecting a photographer you connect with. A skilled photographer will not only take beautiful pictures but will also make you feel at ease throughout the process. 

I always take the time to sit down with clients to make sure that I understand your vision and provide guidance on how we can achieve the best results. We’ll discuss your expectations and ensure your style matches what I provide.

northern virginia photographer showcases a mom cuddling her newborn in a nursery

Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Selecting what to wear can significantly impact how you feel during your photo session. Opt for comfortable, timeless outfits that complement the color scheme of your newborn photos in Northern Virginia. Soft, neutral colors tend to work well as they don’t detract from the baby’s delicate features. Consider coordinating your outfit with your partner’s and baby’s attire for a cohesive look. Planning your outfits ahead of time will reduce stress and ensure you feel confident and comfortable on the day of the shoot.

For all of my clients, I take the time to plan out your outfits. I even offer a client wardrobe with postpartum-friendly dresses for mom as well as outfits and swaddle wraps for baby, so mom doesn’t have to stress about finding the perfect outfits for her session and shop on her own.

northern virginia photographer featuring a father holding his newborn son

Get Plenty of Rest

Though it might seem like an impossible task with a newborn, try to rest as much as possible before your photo session. Fatigue can show in photos, so getting enough sleep can help you look and feel your best. If possible, enlist the help of family or friends to watch the baby or assist with household tasks in the days leading up to your session.

newborn baby being cuddled with his parents captured by a northern virginia newborn photographer

Hydrate and Eat Well

Staying hydrated and eating nutritious meals can have a significant impact on your energy levels and overall appearance. Drink plenty of water and eat balanced meals in the days leading up to your newborn photos in Northern Virginia. This will help ensure your skin looks radiant, and you have the energy to enjoy the session.

tiny toes and tiny hands captured during newborn photos in Northern Virginia

a mother cradling her newborn son's head

Communicate Your Preferences

Before the day of the shoot, communicate any preferences or concerns you have with your photographer. Whether it’s certain poses you prefer or areas you’re self-conscious about, a good photographer will appreciate your input and work with you to create images you’ll love. This communication will help you feel more relaxed and confident during your newborn photos in Northern Virginia.

father holding his newborn son in his arms

Embrace the Moment

Remember, the primary focus of newborn photos in Northern Virginia is to capture the love and bond between you and your baby. Try not to worry too much about imperfections or how you think you “should” look. Embrace the moment for what it is—a beautiful opportunity to document this special time in your life. Authenticity shines through in photographs, so let your genuine emotions and connections be front and center.

newborn photos in northern virginia caught by a northern virginia newborn photographer

Consider Professional Hair and Makeup

If you’re concerned about looking your best, consider hiring a professional for hair and makeup on the day of your shoot. This can relieve stress and boost your confidence, knowing you’re presenting the best version of yourself. However, when you choose my photography services, professional hair and makeup are included. I’ll take care of all the scheduling, so mom doesn’t have to worry about a thing!

newborn photos captured in Northern Viginia

newborn baby boy photos captured by a Northern Virginia newborn photographer

Conclusion: How To Feel Your Best In Newborn Photos In Northern Virginia

Following these tips can ensure that you feel your best in newborn photos in Northern Virginia. Remember, the goal is to capture the beauty of this new chapter in your life, imperfections and all. With a little preparation and the right mindset, you’ll create memories that you’ll cherish forever.

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  1. Those are incredible tips and tricks on how we can make sure to feel the best in our children’s newborn portraits. I love this natural and relaxed session.

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    These are wonderful tips for parents preparing for their newborn photos! Gorgeous session too!

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