Sun-kissed Leesburg Virginia Baby Portraits / Baby Carter

How adorable are these Leesburg Virginia baby portraits that I captured last weekend? Carter’s mommy won the baby nursery contest giveaway that I advertised back in December. Carter’s parents decided on a first birthday photo shoot, hoping for warm temperatures and loads of sunshine. The month of May is typically a gorgeous time of the year. Unfortunately, not this year. We ended up rescheduling the session twice due to the rain. Last Saturday we finally got a chance to meet.

Charley and Jeremy loved the idea of Rust Manor Sanctuary and came all the way from Inwood, West Virinia to meet me there. Both, Charley and Jeremy, are teachers. Meeting on a Saturday morning worked out well for them. Charley was beyond excited to win the giveaway. Carter means means the world to her and I knew how much this session meant to the parents. Carter was a bit cranky and sleepy the morning of her first birthday photo shoot. It was challenging to get her to smile or even look at me. Oh the silly faces some kids have me do to get their attention😂 My childcare experience is definitely paying off, not to mention that I am a mom myself. Carter was happiest in her mommie’s arms which was just perfect to capture that special bond between them.

Charley and Jeremy, I enjoyed meeting you and your beautiful baby girl. I am in love with her big blue eyes and her strawberry blonde hair. And the curles….oh my goodness. Thank you for participating in the giveaway. It was an honor for me to capture these memories for you.

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13 thoughts on “Sun-kissed Leesburg Virginia Baby Portraits / Baby Carter

  1. Sun kissed is a perfect description for these beautiful pictures! A highlight of the most beautiful and honest parts of what it means to be a family.

  2. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family!! Carter’s hair and eye colors look amazing!!

  3. How sweet….Carter is so precious!!!! What a wonderful backdrop to show off the love Jeremy and Charley have for Carter. A perfect family!!!

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