Three things to consider before hiring a newborn photographer

Finding the right newborn photographer can be overwhelming. The market is saturated with all types of photographers ranging from portrait to lifestyle photographers, as well as studio and natural light options. Choosing the right photographer for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Not every photographer is trained, licensed and experienced to handle safe newborn posing. Below are the top three things to consider before you commit to a booking.

Is the photographer professionally trained and experienced?

Newborn photography is not for every photographer. It requires a completely different learning curve and skill set than other areas of photography. Do not be afraid to ask your photographer about the professional newborn traning he or she has had. While there are no specific qualifications or requirements in newborn photography, you do want to be sure your photographer has completed specific training and safe practices to ensure the safety of your baby during the photoshoot. It is important you choose an experienced newborn photographer who has worked with tens, if not hundreds of newborns. Without proper traning a photographer could put your baby at risk.

What does their online presence look like?

My advice to you is to spend time exploring the market to find a photographer who has received excellent customer feedback and who can demonstrate a high standard of professionalism. You can review their website as well as social media platforms. Find out if your photographer is passionate about working with newborns and whether or not you feel comfortable with his or her personality.

Watch out for price cut photographers!

Photography can be pricey, that is, if the services are offered by a professional photographer. Professional photographers are licensed, trained, insured and experienced. It is your job as a consumer to find out what you value the most. I believe that you get what you pay for. Please be alarmed when you find a photographer who offers newborn photography for more than fifty percent less of what other, more established photographers in your area offer. Please consider photography as an investment in an experience you want to cherish for the rest of your life especially in regard to your precious newborn baby. Please do your research and ask questions.