4 Tips for Traveling with a Newborn that You Need to Know!


August 21, 2022

Traveling with a newborn is something that every mom tends to fear. Long car rides (or plane rides) with a newborn that isn’t used to such travel? The crying, discomfort, potty breaks, etc. It can feel like a lot. To make it even better (insert eye roll here), people tend to not be all too kind towards mothers traveling with their little one. This just adds to a mother’s anxiety. However, traveling with a newborn doesn’t have to be this fear-evoking adventure of “oh no”, “please stop crying”, “I’m sorry she’s being so fussy”. As a Washington DC newborn photographer, I have mamas traveling to my studio regularly, so I like to provide them with some tips in case they’re nervous! Let’s get into these top four tips for traveling with a newborn!

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Top 4 Tips for Traveling with a Newborn

  1. Stop caring about what people think

The best and probably most important tip for traveling with a newborn that I can give you is to not care what people think. No matter what you do, your newborn will likely have some fussy moments along the way. People will criticize and judge, they’ll eye roll, it’s just the way of the world. So, I want you to accept that now. Be comfortable with that happening and just…ignore it. You can’t please everyone, and your only goal honestly is to please your newborn!

  1. Bring soothing toys or objects

Newborns tend to become fussy when traveling simply because they’re experiencing something completely new. What a lot of adults tend to forget is that what’s routine for us, is not at all routine for your newborn. To them, sitting in a car seat, for extended amounts of time, with all the sounds and smells entering and exiting their path, is a lot of new all at once. It’s bound to upset them to some degree. Bringing soothing toys that remind them of what they do know, such as a favorite pacifier, a specific toy that makes a sound, or a soft blanket, can make the trip much more tolerable.

  1. Practice the travel ahead of time

Another key tip for traveling with a newborn is practicing your travel ahead of time. Now, if you’re travel involves boarding a plane, you of course can’t really practice that. If you’re traveling just involves a car ride though, you can prep your little one by getting them used to being in their car seat and on the road for brief periods of time every day. Extending the duration of time spent on the road is also helpful. This can help you identify what triggers your newborn and prepare you for those moments during the trip!

  1. Try to get them to sleep

Newborns honestly don’t care much for the views of a road trip like adults do. They’re just trying to adjust to this brand-new world at the moment. If you can, try to schedule your trip in a way that aligns with their daily schedule. For example, if they’re known for taking naps about 2 hours after breakfast, plan to get on the road right before they’d usually fall asleep. What you don’t want to do is have them fall asleep and then try to transfer them to the car because if they wake up, sorry mamas but they’re already thrown out of whack!


Do you Have Any More Tips for Traveling with a Newborn?

These are some of my favorite tips as a Washington DC newborn photographer! Traveling with a newborn is a team effort. All us mothers must work together to give each other tips and share our secrets for making these moments as smooth as they can be! There will always be bumps in the road, there isn’t much of a way around that! Together though, with the help of these tips for traveling with a newborn and any other advice you mamas leave below, we can help each other out! Also, I happen to know a great travel agent. As a mama of two little ones herself, don’t be afraid to reach out to her!

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