Choosing the perfect outfit for your maternity photo session


March 9, 2023

As you prepare for your maternity photo session, one of the most important steps to take is picking out the perfect outfits. Choosing the right colors and patterns can help ensure that your photos look stunning and timeless. As your professional maternity photographer in Washington, D.C., I’m sharing some tips and tricks that you might want to consider.

A couple sitting on a sofa during their studio maternity session in Leesburg, Virginia.

Choose A Color Palette For Your Maternity Photo Session

The colors you choose for your outfits should coordinate with each other, as well as with any props or backgrounds in the photos. For example, if you have your heart set on a rustic setting, warm tones such as browns and oranges may work best. If you love the idea of a natural light studio session, I would highly recommend lighter and more neutral colors.

Make sure that everyone in your family has at least one outfit that matches the overall color scheme. Sometimes when planning a family photo session, it can be helpful to pick one color and then have everyone in the family wear different shades of that color.

Consider Prints and Patterns In Your Maternity Session

When choosing patterns for your outfits, try to keep them subtle; avoid anything too loud or distracting that will take away from the focus of the photo.

Solid colors usually look better than prints since they don’t draw attention away from faces in photos. That being said, small-scale prints like polka dots or plaid can add texture and personality to an outfit if done tastefully. Just make sure not to go overboard with patterns—you want all eyes to be on you!

Consider Your Home Setting

When selecting colors for your photo session, consider your home setting as well. For example, your walls may be painted a certain color, and any frames you plan to hang should match the paintwork as much as possible. Not only will this ensure that your photos look great in their frames, but it will also make them look cohesive with the décor of your home.

Natural light studio maternity images captured by Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Access The Client Wardrobe From Your Maternity Photographer

As a professional newborn photographer in Washington, D.C., I’m proud to offer a curated client closet for moms. I also offer style boards with shop-able links to the clothing options suggested, so you don’t have to do the research. With this service, moms can choose from a selection of outfits for the entire family that will perfectly complement the setting of their photo session. I hope to expand my offerings over the next year. Please be sure to contact me for more information on this service.


Choosing the right outfits for your maternity photo session shouldn’t be stressful—it should be fun! As long as everyone is dressed comfortably and coordinated according to color palette and theme, then you’ll have no problem getting great shots during your photo session!

If you’re having trouble choosing the right outfits, I’d love to help! As your Washington, D.C., family photographer, I’m here to help make your photo session amazing. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how we can work together to create beautiful and timeless portraits.


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  3. Jasmyn says:

    Beautiful photos and helpful tips! I would’ve never known what to wear for my maternity photos.

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