Pediatricians in Northern Virginia: Top 4!


March 13, 2022

As a new mom, your first priority is always the health of your baby. Sometimes,  their cries and their fussiness can be a bit worrisome. I’d like to ease some of your stress by telling you about the top 4 pediatricians in Northern Virginia. It’s one less thing you have to worry about and you can spend your time focusing on your little one!



Kenneth J Kim Pediatrics

Dr. Kenneth J Kim is well-known in the Northern Virginia area. His practice specializes in newborns, infants, and children as well as immunizations and sports injuries. His goal with Kenneth J Kim Pediatrics was to provide a wholesome environment. He wanted a place where parents can take their children and feel as though they are the only patient that matters.

This is what put him on my list of the top 4 pediatricians in Northern Virginia. His individualized approach to medicine makes every new mom feel like the only mom. He focuses on your newborn’s  overall health and ensures they’re reaching developmental milestones!


Pediatrics of Seven Corners: Pediatrician in Northern Virginia

Having been in business for 33 years, Pediatrics of Seven Corners is a well-renowned, highly sought-after pediatric practice.  They have staff who speak fluent English, Vietnamese, and Spanish, making them ideal for a variety of new mamas. Dr. Nguyen wanted his practice to be able to treat patients from all “seven corners” of the world and he did just that!

You’ll feel like family the moment you walk in and are greeted by staff. There’s no shortage of patience and love for your newborn and children. I felt Dr. Nguyen’s practice deserved to be on my list o the Top 4 pediatricians in Northern, Virginia because of this love and a care!

They take appointment patients but also accept walk-ins should you need to ake your newborn to see a doctor last minute!


Tracy Kruzick

Tracy Kruzick is an MD who specializes in immunology and allergies. Although she isn’t specifically a pediatrician, I felt she needed to be on my list. Reason being, newborns and children in the Northern Virginia/D.C. area are prone to seasonal allergies. Additionally, you want to be sure your newborn doesn’t have any other kind of allergies like pet or food! Sometimes, these unknown allergies can be the root cause of your little one’s stufy nose, crying, or overall irritability.


Pediatric Specialists of Virginia: Pediatrician in Northern Virginia

Pediatric specialists of Virginia offers general pediatric services as well as specialized pediatric services. You may need an insurance referral to see a specialist, but this isn’t always the case. That’s why I wanted to include them on my list of the top 4 pediatricians in Northern, Virginia. They offer specialized services to look at nearly every area of the body. This includes neurology, gastroenterology, immunology, dentistry, and much more!

They’re a fantastic team of doctor’s who want to provide you and your baby with the best care possible. Their team of specialists work together to be sure nothing goes unnoticed.


Final Thoughts

Although there is an abundance of pediatricians in Northern Virginia, these four have earned top spots. This is due to their patient care, love of their job, and medical backgrounds. Additionally, they make every mom feel like she’s the only mom in existence during her appointment! Give them a call!


Don’t forget, your newborn is only so little for a short period time! Don’t forget to capture it with an in home newborn photography session with me. Shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

  1. Stacey Brenner says:

    Great post! Definitely important information for expecting mothers!

  2. Rebecca T says:

    What great information to share with your clients! It is hard to know who to go to if you don’t have a personal reference.

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      I agree. Hopefully this will help any mom in search of a pediatrician in Northern Virginia. Thank you for reading my post.

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh my goodness WHAT A GREAT POST! It’s so hard finding a decent pediatrician and word of mouth is so important!

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