6 Helpful Twin Newborn Session Tips


October 15, 2023

Twin newborn session photos are a must-have for any new parent. Not only do they capture the precious first moments of your babies’ lives, but they also serve as a reminder of how small and delicate they once were.

As a professional baby photographer based in Northern Virginia, I’ve had the privilege to photograph many twin babies. Here are some of my top twin newborn session tips to help you get the best photos of your little ones.

twin newborn session with parents kissing each other

twin newborn session by a northern Virginia family photographer

Hire An Experienced Northern Virginia Twin Photographer

The most important twin newborn session tip I can give you for capturing beautiful twin newborn photos is to hire an experienced photographer who specializes in photographing multiples. This will ensure that your photographer knows how to safely and comfortably pose your babies together, as well as have the necessary props and equipment needed for twins.

As an experienced baby photographer, I’ve been privileged to photograph many sets of twins and have honed my craft in capturing the unique bond between them. Setting up a consultation call with me is the easiest way to talk through any concerns or preferences you may have for your twin newborn photoshoot.twins laying next to each other covered in a white blanket laying on a white bed for a twin newborn session

twin newborn session with both babies laying on a bed bundled up.

Dress Them In Separate Outfits

Dressing your twins in separate outfits is a simple way to highlight their individuality. While it’s natural to be attracted to identical clothing for twins, choosing different outfits can offer a unique perspective in photos. Each of your babies is unique with their own personality traits, so their clothes can be a reflection of this. 

Consider color-coordinated outfits that complement each other but aren’t identical. This will make your photos more interesting and visually appealing, as well as make it easier to remember who each baby is in the future. 

Timing is Everything

The best time to schedule your twin newborn photo session is within the first two weeks after birth. At this age, babies are typically very sleepy and malleable, which makes it easier to achieve those adorable, curled-up poses. But don’t wait until birth to schedule your session – plan ahead and book your photographer during the second trimester of your pregnancy (or once you find out you’re having twins!).

twin newborn session with one twin laying on the bed in a floral outfit and the second twin leaning on top of the first twin in a blue outfit.

twin newborn session with both twins laying on their arms

Get Pictures Of Them Solo And Together

While it’s wonderful to capture your twins in the same frame to showcase their bond, don’t miss the chance to photograph them individually as well. Each baby is their own person with unique features and expressions, and solo shots can highlight these individual characteristics. It’s also a great opportunity to create unique portraits for each child that can be treasured as they grow. 

On the other hand, photos taken together can encapsulate the special connection between them. So, as much as possible, attempt to strike a balance between solo and together shots during the photo session.

girl twin laying on the bed looking towards the camera

boy twin laying on the bed with his feet in the air

twin newborn session with both boy and girl twins laying next to each other

Have Flexibility

Newborn photo sessions, especially with twins, can take longer than expected. This is because babies have their own schedules and need breaks for feeding, diaper changes, and cuddles. It’s important to remember that these breaks are necessary for your babies’ comfort and safety. 

So come prepared with an extra set of clothes, diapers, and anything else you may need for your babies during the session. And don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned – a good photographer will have patience and flexibility to work with you and your babies’ needs.

twin newborn session featuring the wall with each twins name above their respective crib

green pillow with the phrase "this is how we fight" is sitting in a black crib.

a green pillow in a black crib with the words "Courage Dear Heart"

Mom feeding bottles to both twins while sitting in a green chair during a twin newborn session

dog sniffing the baby during a twin newborn session

A dog is licking tiny baby toes

black and white picture of twins laying next to each other in the crib during a twin newborn session

Cherish The Moments

Lastly, remember to enjoy the experience of your twin newborn session. As time flies by, these photos will serve as cherished memories that you can look back on. So relax, have fun, and trust in your photographer’s expertise to capture the beauty of your twins in their earliest days. 

Mom, Dad, dog, and two babies are sitting in the living room of their home smiling.

boy twin sleeping in his dad's arms during a twin newborn session

girl twin is laying in her moms arms wearing a pink outfit and bow

dog laying in front of two parents and two twin babies.

Wrapping It Up: Twin Newborn Session Tips

Capturing the first few weeks of your twins’ life in photos is a wonderful way to commemorate this special time. With a little bit of planning and a lot of patience, you’ll end up with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to hire an experienced twin photographer, dress your babies in separate outfits, schedule your session early, take solo and together shots, be flexible, and enjoy every moment. 

I’d love to chat with you about your potential twin newborn session! Contact me today to schedule a consultation, and let’s make some beautiful memories together. Thanks for reading!  

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