Gender Neutral Nursery: 6 Awesome Tips And Tricks To Get Started


July 3, 2023

gender neutral nursery with dinosaur theme

Creating a gender neutral nursery for your little one is a thrilling adventure. It’s about crafting a space that’s versatile, welcoming, and brimming with creativity. Picture this: a room where soft, neutral hues playfully dance with splashes of vibrant colors, where charming furniture pieces tell stories of future adaptability, and where every tiny detail is a testament to your boundless imagination. This space isn’t just a room; it’s a lovingly crafted haven for your baby to grow, explore, and create their own adventures.

But how do we bring this vision to life? As a D.C. Newborn Photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of gender-neutral nurseries, and I have some tips to help you create the perfect one for your little bundle of joy. Here are my top six tips and tricks for designing a delightful gender-neutral nursery.

gender neutral nursery with a crib, dinosaur mobile, three dinosaur pictures that are framed with a light green painted wall.

Embrace the Power of Neutrals

Neutrals are the best friends of gender-neutral nurseries. They provide a calm and soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for your baby’s development. But remember, neutrals don’t have to mean dull. Grays, whites, creams, and earth tones offer a delightful palette to work with. These colors create a serene backdrop, allowing other elements in the room to really pop.

dinosaur mobile taken from above the mobile looking down at the crib mattress and bars

Themes Outside the Box

When we say themes, think beyond the traditional gender-specific ones. Opt for more playful, universal themes like animals, nature, or even travel. Imagine a room filled with cute animal prints, a leafy canopy, and wooden furniture for a safari theme. Or perhaps vintage maps, globes, and suitcases for a travel-themed nursery. The sky’s the limit!

I recently photographed a gender-neutral newborn photography session in a dinosaur-inspired bedroom. The combination of colors, textures, and furnishings created a truly magical space.

a picture of one of the dinosaurs on the dinsoaur mobile in a gender neutral nursery

Style Over Color

Focusing on a specific style instead of a color scheme can make your nursery feel cohesive and well-thought-out. A modern farmhouse vibe, for example, can bring warmth and coziness with its rustic elements. On the other hand, a Scandinavian-inspired nursery can exude a clean and minimalist vibe that’s both timeless and chic.

Invest in Future-Proof Furniture

Choose furniture pieces that can grow with your child. A crib that converts into a toddler bed, a changing table that doubles as a dresser, or a rocking chair that can be used in the living room later are all fantastic choices. This not only saves you money in the long run but also ensures that the nursery continues to serve a purpose as your child grows.

Personal Touches Make Perfect

Don’t shy away from adding personal touches to your gender-neutral nursery. Family photos, handmade items, or even a mural painted by a loved one can add a unique charm to the space. These elements make the nursery feel homey and full of love. Plus, they work for any gender!

the name Mabel Penelope on a circle dinosaur-themed plaque for the gender neutral nursery

Play with Patterns and Textures in your gender-neutral nursery

Mixing patterns and textures can add depth and visual interest to a gender-neutral nursery. Think fluffy rugs, patterned curtains, or bold wallpaper on the ceiling. These details can transform the nursery from good to great. Plus, it’s a perfect way to introduce color without sacrificing your gender-neutral aesthetic.

mother and baby newborn picture taken by a washington d.c. newborn photographer

Wrapping It Up: Gender Neutral Nursery

Creating a gender-neutral nursery is an exciting endeavor, and these tips will help you design a delightful space for your little one. With the right elements, this room can be a safe haven for exploration and creativity. So get creative and transform their nursery into something truly special.

As a Washington newborn photographer, I always love seeing the work of my clients and their unique touches that make each room a perfect reflection of the family. If you’re welcoming a little one in the near future, I hope these tips will help you create a magical, gender-neutral nursery. 

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