3 Tips For The First Week With A Newborn


October 2, 2022

If you are researching tips for the first week with a newborn, chances are you are expecting or have recently brought a baby into this world. Welcome to parenthood, mama! You have officially entered an amazing yet completely overwhelming process of raising a child.

As a Washington D.C. newborn photographer and mother, I’m so excited to share my top 3 tips to help you navigate this exciting journey! Surviving your first week with a newborn can be a challenge. While being totally sleep-deprived and still recovering from the birth, everything can feel a bit much. I’ve been there, too! I truly hope these tips for the first week with a newborn will find you well!

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Tips for the First Week with a Newborn

1.     Take care of yourself

While your little one is running the show, make sure you’re taking care of yourself to be the mama you need to be. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and that you’re eating well. Don’t forget to catch up on sleep whenever and wherever you can. Everything else can wait!

2.     Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Have you ever heard of the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? One of my best tips for the first week with a newborn is that if you need help, don’t ever be afraid to ask! As a new mama who just brought a baby into this world, you are going to need time to recover. Whether it’s help with your little one, siblings, pets, or anything that needs to be done around the house…having support from family and friends will make your first week with a newborn at home a bit easier.

3.     Try to create a routine

It’s helpful for both you and your newborn to try and get on a routine. While it’s impossible to get a newborn on a schedule right away, certain activities and habits will greatly assist in establishing a routine later on. Try to talk and play with your baby more during the day to keep them awake longer and, if the weather permits, go for a nice long walk. Soon enough, the baby will sleep longer at night, which gives you more sleep as well. Hang in there!

Conclusion: Tips For The First Week With A Newborn

While the first week with a newborn can be challenging in so many ways, it’s undoubtedly one of the most rewarding times as well. It’s important to remember that every baby is different and that you, mama, will do great. There really is no perfect manual to raise a child, but it’s something you will grow into as you learn to navigate through parenthood. My advice is to make sure you take care of yourself and follow these tips for the first week with a newborn so that you can care for your baby!

As your Washington D.C. newborn photographer, I cannot wait to meet your little one and document the first sweet moments for you to cherish for a lifetime! Reach out to learn more!

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  1. Aren’t newborns just wonderful? I miss this stage, it was so beautiful and time is a thief.

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