Why You Need to Schedule Your Newborn Photoshoot Before the Baby is Born


April 23, 2022

Alright mamas, let’s talk about when you should schedule your Northern Virginia newborn photography session! I know this may seem like a self explanatory topic, but you’d be surprised how common it is for new moms to try and book a session with me a few days after they’ve already had the baby.  Now, I understand that logic. You’re probably thinking, “Steph…you can’t have a newborn photography session without the newborn!” Yes…that’s definitely true! However, you should schedule your newborn photoshoot before the baby is born. Why? Let me explain!


    1. Enhances the Likelihood That You Get Your Preferred Time Slot for Your Northern Virginia Newborn Photography Session.

Admittedly, newborn photographers get booked up quickly, myself included. I personally like to dedicate time to my clients so they don’t feel rushed. This is why I don’t like to book multiple sessions per day and is also why I book up fast. Booking as early as possible increases your chances of securing your preferred time slot with me! When you schedule your newborn session ahead of time, you reserve a spot on the calendar based on your due date. Typically, newborn photography sessions are booked during the third trimester. This is because your due date is much more set in stone at this time. However, the sooner we can get you on the books, the better!

     2. Saves Yourself the Hastle of Having to Take Your Own Newborn Photos.

I’m sure your cell phone camera is fantastic, but DIY photography sessions rarely produce gallery-worthy images. You don’t want to be one of the many parents who later regret not heeding their intuition and acquiring the services of a professional photographer. You deserve to have newborn photos that you adore and that’s my job! Most DIY photo sessions can rarely compete with a professionally coordinated, aesthetically portrayed picture created by an expert. I have dedicated many hours to practice and training, but I can’t handle it for you if I don’t get you on the books in time!


    3. Gives Us a Chance to Talk About What You Expect During Your Northern Virginia Newborn Photography Session

One of the most effective ways for capturing gorgeous photographs of your newborn is to create a comfortable, trustworthy, connection with the photographer (aka…me!) I heavily prioritize this connection, which is why I require a consultation prior to scheduling the photoshoot at all. I want to be sure I completely understand your vision and answer all of your questions. Scheduling your Northern Virginia newborn photography session ahead of time allows us to get to know each other. It ensures we are on the same page for your shoot! It also allows you to discuss which images from my portfolio are your favorites and brainstorm a list of possible backdrops or poses.


    4. It Relieves Stress After Childbirth.

Scheduling your Northern Virginia newborn photography session early also helps relieve some stress. You won’t have to spend those first few days after childbirth finding and booking a newborn photographer. You’re supposed to be resting for a few days after giving birth. By scheduling early, you can relax completely knowing that you’ve taken care of everything ahead of time! Your only job is to bond with your little one, and then let me capture your nugget one of their most adorable stages!


Final Thoughts on Scheduling Your Northern Virginia Newborn Photography Session Early

One of the most priceless experiences you can have as a parent is taking the time to document your journey with your child. In time, these newborn photographs will become a part of your family’s history! They will be cherished by family members for many years to come. Your child will grow up and be able to see themselves as a newborn, and their reaction will be just as unique as yours was when you first saw them!

For best results, I recommend contacting me by the third trimester to ensure availability, but many parents contact me even earlier than that!



  1. Christie says:

    Planning ahead is so important- your newborn clients are so lucky to have you capture this precious time for their family!

  2. Stacey says:

    Oh I adore this post so much! I completely agree that scheduling a consultation before booking is absolutely essential! Great post!

  3. Marysa says:

    I wish we had done newborn photography when our kids were born. What a wonderful thing, to have such great photos of your new baby.

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