5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer


May 15, 2022

As a Northern Virginia newborn photographer, I get asked a lot of questions regarding photoshoots. Completely understandable, especially if you’ve never had this incredible experience before! It can feel a little overwhelming, but I don’t want you to worry. It’s not only my job to take photos of your adorable little munchkin but to also ensure they (and you) feel comfortable and prepared.

If you’re looking to hire a newborn photographer, what questions should you be asking? In this article, I’ll break down the five most important questions to ask before hiring a newborn photographer. Let’s dive in!

Are They an In-Home or Studio Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer?

Some newborn photographers only do in-home sessions, while others focus solely on studio photography. As someone who does both, I can tell you that they’re both fantastic and have their benefits.

In-home sessions allow you to capture the magic of the home you first brought your little one to. They offer a sense of comfort and peace as I capture you and your bundle of joy in your bedroom or nursery. What’s even better is that you don’t have to go anywhere! It’s one less thing that you need to worry about.

Studio photography, however, also has its perks. Whereas you do have to leave your home, you also have access to added lighting and unique props. This option is preferable to some mamas who just don’t want someone coming into their home! I completely understand that. Besides, let’s be honest: studio sessions mean that you don’t have to do any cleaning prior to the big day, and that is amazing!

Black and white images of baby feet in moms hands captured by Northern Virginia newborn photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Does This Photographer Supply Any Props or Outfits?

Some mamas love to bring their own newborn props and outfit changes to sessions, which is wonderful! I love incorporating cherished belongings into your photoshoot. However, sometimes, that’s one more thing that you have to remember to do.

I’ve been a newborn photographer in Northern Virginia for quite a while now, and I know that sometimes, you just want everything handled for you. So, I supply various outfits for my beautiful models as well as some adorable props. I find it helpful to have these options on hand, just in case you want them!

Baby boy wearing an adorable hat during his newborn session with Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer, Stephanie Honikel.

Posed baby boy in Ashburn, Virginia during his photo shoot with Stephanie Honikel Photography.

What Should You Bring To Your Northern Virginia Newborn Photography Session?

The items you should bring with you to the session will vary depending on the photographer. You want to come prepared, but there’s no sense in bringing things that your photographer already has on hand! For me, I supply as much as I can to ensure my mamas can feel relaxed.

You can bring any props that you want to see in the photos such as a special blanket or stuffed animal. Any outfit changes or calming toys. I do recommend bringing food for your little one if you are doing an in-studio session just in case your little one gets the munchies though!


Does Your Photographer Do Indoor and Outdoor Photo Sessions?

Finding a photographer who does indoor and outdoor photoshoots can be a huge plus! I happen to do both! Some mamas prefer to stay inside since they won’t have to deal with the elements. However, sometimes the elements are wonderful additions to your photos. They can add beautiful natural light and backdrops that you just can’t get from your bedroom! It’s always your choice, but having a photographer who does both is always a plus!

Do They Offer Photo Prints or Only Digital Copies?

In today’s day and age, many people prefer to get a USB of all their newborn photos. I, however, prefer the classic prints and photobooks. I think it’s important to supply my clients with the option to receive both. Having the digital copies on hand does give you a backup in case something is to happen to physical copies. So, it’s nice to have. However, the ability to flip through your photos and show your current or future kiddos is just something that can’t be beaten!

Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer showcasing a baby blanket

Conclusion: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer

It’s normal to have so many questions on your mind as a soon-to-be mama. However, worrying about your newborn photoshoot shouldn’t be part of your list! If you have any other questions, please contact me. I’ll gladly answer everything for you! I look forward to being your newborn photographer in Northern Virginia!

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  1. Mimi says:

    My friend just had a baby so I’ll definitely share it with her

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      Congratulations to your friend. It’s a wonderful time. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Stacey says:

    So many great points and love how you are accommodating to each families needs. Well done!

  3. Gerat list of questions, for any photographer but especially for newborns it is so a special time to capture.

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      I think it’s important for anyone looking to hire a newborn photographer first and foremost. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Nadalie says:

    Great tips on when hiring a baby photographer! This makes decision making easier!

  5. Tisha says:

    As a photographer myself these are great questions. capturing those first moments is important

  6. Nina says:

    These are all great questions to get answers too when looking for your newborn photographer. I love how your posts are always so helpful for new parents!

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      Thanks, Nina. I think it’s important for my clients to know they’re in great hands working with me.

  7. Helen Little says:

    There are so many points to consider when choosing a newborn photographer, and you have covered my questions perfectly! Thank you.

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