3 Benefits Of An Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot In Northern Virginia


May 8, 2022

Hey there, mamas! If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve mentioned before the benefits of having a Northern Virginia newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home. With the added bonus of having all your baby’s necessities at hand, such as their toys or blankets, extra clothes, milk, and bottles for feeding, it’s already an incredible experience!

What if you don’t want to have an in-home newborn photography session? I’ve got you covered. With the warmer weather right around the corner, choosing an outdoor newborn photoshoot in Northern Virginia is a fun and easy way to capture memories with your baby. In this article, I’ll cover three benefits of choosing an outdoor newborn photoshoot. Let’s dive in!

A mother holding her swaddled baby girl during an Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot in Northern Virginia.

A baby girl in the hands of her father at an outdoor newborn photoshoot in Arlington, Virginia.

Incredible Natural Lighting and Backdrops

Natural lighting is the only lighting that I work with as your photogrpaher. Seeing as we’ll be outside, you’ll be hit with that natural sunlit glow that surrounds and embraces you. Also, natural lighting makes everything a bit…warmer, adding a loving feel to all of your photographs. This is why I enjoy the opportunity to capture your newborn photography session outside. 

Another added bonus is having natural backdrops either from your backyard or a local park! With trees, flowers, maybe even a nice pond or stream, the possibilities are endless. If you’re in your backyard, you can use your backyard furniture like swings or lounge chairs in the photogrpahs. At parks, we can embrace the natural elements like freshly bloomed flowers or sky-high trees! Additionally, if you want to venture out, we could even choose a location like Old Town Alexandria or Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.

Family photo captured during an outdoor newborn photo session in Northern Virginia.

Easy to Include Family Members 

Having an outdoor newborn photoshoot provides an abundance of space that you may not have indoors. This added space often makes it easier to include additional family members into your photos. Siblings, grandparents, and even pups can make their big debut! While lounging on your backyard chairs with your little one, you can have those grandparents sit next to you or let those pets jump into your laps. Additionally, being outside allows for your fur babies to hop in those photos when they aren’t too busy running around and playing. 

I understand wanting to capture the moment of having your parents holding your precious bundle of joy, or wanting to have your fur-baby with your baby-baby. Impactful members of your family all together in a beautiful photo, what a lovely way to celebrate! 

Grandparents holding their newborn granddaughter during their Northern Virginia Newborn Photoshoot session in Arlington.

A grandfather kissing his baby granddaughter captured by Northern Virginia newborn photographer Stephanie Honikel.

outdoor newborn photoshoot with grandparents, Mom and baby

outdoor newborn photoshoot with Mom, Dad, dog, and a newborn baby

Memorialize the Place You First Brought Your Baby Home To

That first time you bring your baby home is one of the most special moments. Nothing ever replaces that first feeling of holding your baby in your home. Photo shoots in your baby’s nursery or home adds to this special moment. Sitting outside in those special spots where you spend hours bonding with your baby can never be replaced.

Now, I know there comes a time where you may have to move. It happens and that’s okay. Having your photo sessions inside and outside only adds to memorializing their first home! Whether you are outside, maybe sitting on a porch swing or enjoying the breeze from your favorite outdoor chair, these are the moments to capture and cherish forever. A newborn baby and a dog in a rocking chair during their Northern Virginia newborn photography session with Stephanie Honikel.

Wrapping It Up: Booking Your Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot In Northern Virginia

Let’s create magic with your newborn sessions! We’ll step outdoors, harnessing the beauty of nature’s light and picturesque backdrops to bring your photos to life. Your unique story, amplified by the presence of loved ones, will shine through each frame. Together, let’s capture these heartwarming, unforgettable moments in a breathtaking way! I cannot wait to talk more about scheduling your newborn photoshoot!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Beautiful post! I love that you offer different settings for newborn portraits. Outdoors is one of my favorites! Loving the flowers, compliments the session so well! Well done!

  2. So many great tips and your pictures are perfect. Golden hour lighting is always great too if you can work those hours out!

  3. Karen says:

    These photos are beautiful- love the sun and color of the flowers!

  4. Nadalie says:

    Adorable! And i totally agree with natural lighting! Makes everything easy to shoot and enhance. Great shots!

  5. Rosemary says:

    Such beautiful photography and what a gorgeous family. Natural light does enhance photography for sure. Well done!

  6. Nina says:

    I love the idea of an outdoor newborn session because of the locations options and the lighting can be so pretty and magical!

  7. Christie says:

    These images are amazing and I love the variety that you captured!!

  8. rachel says:

    These photos are stunning. And I LOVE outdoor newborn photos. SO much great lighting outside.

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Yup, it’s the magical lighting that always gets me when photographing outdoors.

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