Gorgeous Leesburg Virginia Boudoir Maternity Photography


May 1, 2022

This gorgeous Leesburg, Virginia boudoir maternity photography session is one for the books. Voted as one of the top Washington, D.C. maternity photographers, I am grateful that you are here. Boudoir maternity portraits are perfect for couples who are envisioning an intimate maternity session. Boudoir maternity photography sessions can be captured in your own four walls, or at a my home studio in Leesburg, Virginia.

A sweet couple embracing pregnancy during a boudoir maternity photo shoot with Leesburg Virginia photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

A dad to be kissing his wife's baby bely during a boudoir maternity photography session in Leesburg, Virginia.

A father touching the baby belly during a maternity boudoir photo shoot with Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Reclaim Your Empowerment

A boudoir maternity session is a great way to feel a sense of empowerment for your ability to bear a child. Being able to bring precious life into this world is worth celebrating. It’s an accomplishment like no other!

Capturing sensual moments between mom and dad during their Leesburg Virginia boudoir maternity photography

Reconnect with Your Partner

These sessions also allow you and your partner to connect in a way that may not come around often. It’s a chance for you both to reflect on the life that you created while capturing the beauty you each hold. This kind of bodoir shoot is intimate, while also being romantic and elegant. It’s a phenomenal way for couples to bond during this magical time!

Beautiful mama during her Leesburg Virginia boudoir maternity photography

Reclaim Your Sensuality

Boudoir maternity shoots are also an incredible way for mama to take back her sensuality and feel beautiful. We all know that sometimes, being pregnant can hinder your self-confidence. Every expecting mother feels it sometimes, and that’s okay! A maternity bodoir photoshoot though can put the power back in your hands mama! It’s an opportunity for you to embrace your femininity and sexuality again. To remember how stunning you are and how special it is that you are creating this incredible new life.

Leesburg Virginia boudoir maternity photography

Whether you decide on a boudoir maternity or lifestyle maternity session, I’m here to guide you. I am offering maternity and newborn photography services in Northern Virginia. I am located in Leesburg, Virginia. If you like my work, please be sure to show your support by liking my page on Facebook and following me on Instagram Instagram. Thank you.


  1. stacey says:

    As a past client of yours I truly appreciate and love this post so much! You made the session a breeze and I felt so comfortable. I know pregnancy is hard so being able to embrace that beauty is truly amazing! Well done Stephanie!

  2. Nina says:

    Oh my goodness what a stunning and intimate maternity session. She is one gorgeous mamma, you captured her glow perfectly!

  3. Christie Adams says:

    These portraits are all just absolutely stunning!! Beautiful job!!

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