3 Reasons Why Moms Prefer In Home Newborn Photography


March 7, 2022

A baby boy posed on his back during a in home newborn photography session in Northern Virginia with Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Have you heard of in home newborn photography? Whether this is your first child or your fifth, capturing your little one as a newborn is something that every mama lives for! Having the ability to forever look back on your child when they first entered the world is an amazing gift. However, trying to transport your newborn to a photography studio can be enough to sway you away from that prime photoshoot. That’s what in-home photographers are for! Let’s talk about why you should consider an in home newborn photography session in Northern Virginia!

Benefits Of An In Home Newborn Photography Session:

So, what exactly are the benefits of a in home newborn photography session? Here are my top three.

A couple holding their swaddled baby during an in home newborn photography session with Stephanie Honikel Photography.

The “Studio” Comes To You

When you think about a traditional in-studio newborn photoshoot, you probably picture a number of features:

  • Fun props and accessories
  • Studio lighting
  • Backdrops
  • A professional photographer

Well, an in-home photography session provides you with all of those sames benefits. However, I personally prefer the beautiful natural window light your home has to offer! Instead of using props such as buckets or wooden boxes, I showcase your very own home setting for a more personal touch in your images. Imagine your little angel posed on your master bed, the rocking chair in the nursery, or even your living room sofa!

As for props, don’t worry, your newborn will be nothing if not stylin’! With an in-home newborn photography session, I come prepared with headbands, little bows, swaddle blankets, and even rompers! Of course, you can use any accessories and props you already have, but I like to provide some additional options!

Comfortable For Everyone

A baby boy sleeping on his side during an in home newborn photography session Northern Virginia newborn photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Newborns respond to their environment and are keenly aware of things that are new or unfamiliar. This is a prime reason that an in-home newborn photography session in Northern Virginia is ideal.

In-home photoshoots provide a sense of comfort for both baby and mama. You are surrounded by all that you know, allowing you to relax. Your newborn will also remain surrounded by the sounds and smells that they are already used to. This ensures that your newborn will be in a relaxed state and happy mood during the shoot. Well, maybe not totally ensures, they are still a newborn after all!

Additionally, you have natural props all around you that won’t feel or look staged in a photo. You can use your own furniture, bathtub, outdoor scenery, etc. These are not only comfortable and familiar but will make you smile when you look back on the photos!

Easier To Entertain Other Kids, Adults, And Pets

Let your pets join in on your in home newborn photography session with Northern Virginia newborn photographer, Stephanie Honikel Photography.

If this isn’t your first child (or you have adult or fur children), the idea of planning an away photoshoot around their schedule and yours can be stressful. The additional idea of distracting those children during the shoot can be even more daunting. With an in-home newborn photography session in Northern Virginia, you can take those stressors away!

Since you are in your own home, your kids have access to all of their belongings that can distract them. They can simply go to their own rooms for some time or participate in the photoshoot if desired. You don’t have to worry about a sitter. You don’t have to be concerned that everyone has something to entertain them during the shoot. Maybe the pooch or kitty will even make a special appearance for an adorable photo-op!

Chin on hands pose during a newborn photoshoot in Northern Virginia with Stephanie Honikel Photography.

Wrapping It Up: In Home Northern Virginia Newborn Photography

A newborn photography session in Northern Virginia is the way to go for capturing your child during this prime time in their life! The whole studio comes to you in a manageable way. You and your newborn will be more comfortable surrounded by the familiar. Your children, pets, spouses, can be easily distracted during the time period. There’s really no cons to an in-home photoshoot for your newborn. If you’re curious about what an in home newborn photography sessions could look like for your family, contact me today!

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  1. Stacey says:

    This is such a great post, and love that you can capture families in home. Definitely the most comfortable space for a newborn. Beautiful as always!

  2. Andrea says:

    I remember when I was a new mom how exhausted and overwhelmed I was, and this just shows how non-stressful an in-home newborn session can be!

  3. Jasmyn Coleman says:

    I love how you highlight the “props” being the natural environment of the home! The home is where all of the family traditions exist, making in-home newborn sessions so much more personalized!

    • Stephanie Honikel says:

      That’s what so love about in-home sessions-the personal note in the images versus a studio backdrop. Thanks for reading my post.

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